Allentown Morning Call Review  of Scarecrow's Lament    March 18th, 2006

It isn't everyday someone leaves a medical practice to pursue a dream of a career in music. But that's what Russ Rentler did, and "Scarecrow's Lament" is his second release.
  Rentler has been playing a variety of stringed instruments since he picked up the ukulele in the fifth grade. In the 1970's at Moravian College, he met up with John Gorka, and the two formed the Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band, frequently playing at Godfrey Daniel's.
   "Scarecrow's Lament" has a traditional folk and bluegrass sound echoing the 1970's style Rentler may have picked up in college. Rentler plays a large assortment of stringed instruments that includes guitar, hammered dulcimer, dobro and bouzouki, and they create a rich pageant of sound for songs that are for the most part on the humorous side, in the vein of another Godfrey's stalwart, Dave Fry.
  "New Car Smell" and "Prairie Dog Exodus" are comic ballads, while the instrumental "Crossing the Tiber" has a lush, Appalachian sound that is warm and inviting.

Rosemary Pratka/ Local Soundtrack