Have you ever thought about hosting a HOUSE CONCERT with Russ?

It’s quite simple…
Here’s how it works......

1. If you have a space in your home for 10-20 people, perfect. I will need a space of about 5' by 3' to set up my instruments. We then pick a date for the concert. Ideally, you want to invite folks you have a positive relationship with and enjoy being around and not mind having in your home. (Not a controlling boss or ex-relation etc.)

2. I can make some simple flyers and send them out to you. 

3. You distribute them to your friends, family, cousins, uncles, church and community members,  etc… several weeks ahead of time.

4. A starting time of 7:00 –7:30 PM works great. Living rooms or common house space is ideal, and a sound system is usually not needed. 

5. I  play and sing for 1 ½  hours with a short break in the middle. Maybe someone can brings cookies, coffee, snacks.

6. A donation basket is set aside for folks to contribute a suggested donation for the music. (A suggested donation might be $10-20 depending on what people could contribute, but it’s definitely a donation , so everyone is welcome, regardless.)

7. And….That’s it… My intention is to make the planning and musical event as stress free and as casual as possible so it’s enjoyable, spirited and a great night for everyone

8. What a great way to spend time with friends and hear great music without having to go out for the night!

              Please contact me at dobrodoc1@gmail.com to talk about it.